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iRIS {Wisteria} by spicypig iRIS {Wisteria} by spicypig
So as you can see I really thought about this character. haha I'm just very excited about this group and don't want this character to crash and burn like my other characters; who really were just incomplete ideas. (also temp lay out, going to spice it up soon)

{Beta Tester Name} Wisteria Ivy Niacc

{Gender} Lady

{Age} 19

{History} There's not much to Wisteria. Her parents have large hearts (maybe too big); they've adopted all together 9 children. Wisty is the center of the bunch. Her family is not poor, but they are a bit tight on money with so many children.
Wisteria held a lot of resentment on her parents as a child. If you asked her why she couldn't remember. One thing she didn't understand is why they weren't content with her as the fourth child. Why did they have to adopt another?
She ran away at 14 with the thought in mind that they'd be better off. It was for three months. All that happened was she lost twenty pounds and gained new perspective on how much they actually had.
Being closest to her two older brothers she grew up in a world of video games. She loved MMOs and a handful of shooting games. She totes thinks zombies are wayy overdone, but offer her to play Left 4 Dead with her and she'll jump at it.
Don't get her wrong she does care an awful lot about all her siblings and parents. She wishes her parents would be more responsible though.
With the Wish Tournament she'd like to put all of her siblings through any college of their choice. (and if allowed first in line for Blade & Soul when it comes out in the US).

{Personality} Ria is incredibly lazy which often leads people to thinking she is uncaring/ has no emotions. She's actually very emotional, crying at whim. She's also very indecisive it's ridiculous. Wisteria is terrible at face-to-face interaction. Her brain goes much faster than her mouth causing her to stutter or splice incomplete ideas.
She loves to talk online because she has time to think about her words before she says them. While online no one can misinterpret her facial expressions or ask her why she doesn't look them in the eye.

{Likes} Spicy foods are her favorite. Mind you she's a vegetarian. (She tried to go vegan, but she's just too lazy for that). From chocolate to fruity sweets she's not picky.
Her favorite animal would be peacock males. She just loves how decorative and pretty thy are.

{Games}She loves MMOs and many games with a little online shop (shut up she's a little girly). When it comes Xbox games like Lollipop Chainsaw top. Put her on a laptop and La Tale or Dragon's Nest are her love. Games that most deviate from her general tastes are probably Left 4 Dead and TF2.

{Dislikes}She's not a fan of ice cream or anything really cold.
DO NOT put her around dogs or cats. She's allergic to both of their saliva and you how the lick their fur. She'll blow up like a balloon. Plus she's just scared around animals in general.
She's hates having face to face conversations. She'll frequently be mistaken for not caring of the subject simply because of her facial expressions. Wisteria hates making eye contact which leads to people thinking she'd done something to be guilty of. She'd just rather avoid it.
Playing outside/roughhousing just isn't Wisty's thing. She's always been slow and not particularly string so activities like such don't end well for her.

{Additional Info}Wisteria often goes by the nickname Wisty or Ria. She doesn't care much about things like that. She won't correct teachers is they mispronounce it. Just out of absurd laziness.
Hurt any of her siblings and she'll ruin your life through the power of the internet. (She isn't really string enough to fight, but she will if she has to)
Wisteria has little offline friends. Even those friends are barely more than acquaintances made so she wasn't alone during lunch/ had a partner for classes. Now that she's graduated she doesn't talk to them much though she does have their number.

{Droid Abilities}
:Swish: This allows iRIS to make other droids stumble with a gust of air. This can also be used to give her (or an ally) a small boost in a general direction.
When done with *critical* effect it could knock a droid over or make a level 2 droid stumble.
:Eye-to-Eye: Ally must be looking at iRIS in the little eye on her forehead. The eye will seem to open ever so slightly, then glow. Little health will be replenished.
If done with *critical* effect more health will be replenished.
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valise-mina Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Super cool hair amd I love that she has the like-I-give-a-care look on her face. I also love her wholeback story it's so cool just like you!!!<>
spicypig Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student
You read the whole thing? jeez thank you! <3
Her hair was the hardest part OTL

At first she was a lot more like me which is why I just scratched her whole story and most of her design. I didn't want her to be a reflection of me, but at the same time I wanted to be able to relate to her/ flesh her story.
So I gave her a set of traits then expanded on them. Many of which I can understand through very little experience. This is so most of it made up, but still believable because I can sort of grasp it's extent.

Sorry for the mini rant, I just have spent a lot of time on this character and love her very much haha.(originally this comment was going to ridiculously long)<><>
valise-mina Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Happy New Years my supurrly cool meowrail. I won't be able to post the drawing until Wednesday because I'm at my aunt's in San D right now for New Years and my copier/printer us at home and so are my color pencils, i should have brought them with but I thought.
" pppsshh I don't need this * abscond * "
Any ways here's a pic of my sketch. Happy 2013 <>!!!!!!!!(8!'s) hehe.
PangoPango1 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ah omg her hair is so cool
spicypig Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student
and thank you!!! haha got too excited
PangoPango1 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
no it's cool I like it when people elaborate about their drawin process it's awesome c:
spicypig Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student
:> glad you like it! it was like the hardest pert OTL haha
just because I really wanted messy braids annd the color transition
no walk in the park, but I'm glad I didn't take the easy way out and just erase it
PangoPango1 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
yesss the braids look amazing *u*
im glad you decided to not take the easy way lol
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